About the Sessions

What happens in the sessions and how this helps.

There are many ideas about how therapy can help someone with their emotional distress. I aim to develop an honest, confidential relationship in which you can truly be yourself, without fear of judgement or rejection.

In this environment we explore what it is like to be you and how this affects what you think and do. My role is to listen attentively and help you overcome your difficulties by offering a different perspective and insight or practical tools and information.

For many, this increase in awareness and expression is enough to provide some relief or clarity. For others, this new viewpoint also provides the means and opportunity to make different choices that work towards real and positive changes in how they can respond to life’s challenges

How we get started.

After an initial telephone conversation we will meet for a full assessment. We will discuss what has brought you to therapy and what you would like to achieve. There is no obligation to commit to anything until after we have met and decided to work together.

It is important for me to see if I am the best person to help you and also for you to see if I am someone you would like to work with. Since it is really important you feel comfortable with me, please use this time to ask about anything you feel unsure of.

Once we both feel happy to proceed, we will finalise details such as future appointment times and the length of therapy.

How long each session is and how many weeks I will see you for.

Usually we will meet once a week, at the same time, day and location. Each session is for 50 minutes.

I see adult clients who require either short term (6 – 18 weeks) or longer term therapy (over 3 months).

Much of my experience with clients has been on a short term basis and I have found that a lot can be achieved in this time. However, for other clients, a longer arrangement is more suitable or preferable. This is not something that needs to be set in stone at the outset as I often find people’s needs change as we progress.

We will regularly review your therapeutic goal and can use this time to assess what progress we have made and the direction our work is taking us in.

Once our work has reached its conclusion, it is important that we schedule a final ‘ending’ session. This allows us an opportunity attended to any outstanding matters and consider what happens next.

How much the sessions will cost. 

The standard session rate is £65 for sessions ending before 6pm and £70 for those ending after 6pm.