COVID – 19 – Online Therapy

We are all having to adjust to these extraordinary times we live in at the moment. As a therapist, this means being able to continue to work with my clients but doing so on-line or on the telephone.

This has the advantage of uninterrupted support whilst observing the safety measures designed to protect and added convenience generally. However, the lack of non-verbal cues that we all use to communicate with each other can add challenges to the work, especially if we have never had the opportunity to meet in person.

Indeed, for some clients, working on the phone or via video link, may not be ideal or even completely inappropriate. But, if you are working this way with me I would like to pass on the following guidance:-

  • Always ensure you are somewhere that you feel provides a quite, confidential space, free from interruptions.
  • Approach the session as you would a normal ‘in person’ meeting. For example, you would be dressed and sitting up, not eating or with the TV on.
  • Try and position the camera before the session to check as much of your body is in the frame as possible. This will help me notice your body language as well as what you are telling me with your words.
  • Tell me how you feel about how the sessions are going and any concerns or problems you are having conducting the therapy with me in this way, so we can address anything early on.